3D Needle Felting Basics:
The Art of Giving Life to Wool

A fun introductory workshop where you'll learn the joys of 3D needle felting! Participants will be instructed on how to use the felting needle to manipulate wool fibers to sculpt a compact 3 dimensional form of cuteness like the little penguin in the middle.   It will meet twice:
Thu, Apr 18, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pmThe Basics:
What is needle felting? Let's get to know the materials, tools and beginner techniques we'll be working with. We'll spend the rest of the class felting the basic shape for our penguin.
Thu, Apr 25, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pmPainting and Sculpting with Wool:
Ready to bring your penguin to life? We’ll continue to firm up the basic shape of our penguin, and as participants are ready, they will begin adding color, dimension, and finer details. By the end of class you'll take home your very own adorable needle felted creation and gain the skills needed to independently needle felt future basic 3D sculptures.
Notes – Needle felting is not a quick art and once started, it can become quite addicting so if you need more time or can't wait to continue felting your penguin further, don't worry! You will leave with all the skills needed to continue felting your penguin or other 3D creations from home.
Location – The workshop room is in the lower level of Symphony Knoll at 15 Mt Airy Rd South, Croton on Hudson. It's wheelchair accessible, and has a full kitchen and restrooms.
Teaching ArtistMolly Narloch is a Croton artist who loves the process of making and sees great value in building a vibrant local intergenerational community of makers. She sees art making as a path to self-discovery and personal healing. Molly has recently fallen in love with needle felting and has a soft spot for all things tiny in size. She double majored in art history and painting and has done follow-up studies in the fields of art therapy and spirituality. Visit MollyNarloch.com to see more of Molly’s work.